Meth & P Testing

Renting Auckland is fully certified for meth & P testing

Don’t Get Stuck with a Toxic 'P' Methamphetamine House. One of the worst things a potential landlord can do is buy a toxic meth house, whether it has been a past P lab or just contaminated from P smoking.

Most people buying an investment property will have a certified home inspector look for things like plumbing or electrical problems, lack of insulation, foundation cracks, heating, also, air conditioning concerns, etc., however most buyers fail to have their future home inspected for methamphetamine P lab contaminates which is such a big problem in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

Meth-amphetamine P lab contaminated houses can cause serious permanent illness, birth defects or even kill.  Meth Houses are toxic, yet, most buyers do not have their home p tested.   Renting Auckland is certified through MethSolutions to undertake a baseline test for methamphetamine p. This is required at  the commencement of the tenancy and can hold the tenant responsible for any methamphetamine damage that may be caused to the property should this occur during the tenancy and we are happy to give further advice regarding this issue.