for Landlords

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
for Landlords

Several of the most common questions we are asked are listed here.  If you have anything you'd like to ask, please contact us!

What if I want to sell my property?

We specialise in renting properties but we can put you in touch with real estate agents to give you an appraisal on your property who will be the best agent to sell your property in the area where your rental property is located. We will put you in touch with the right people.

Do I need extra landlords insurance?

It is not compulsory to have landlord insurance on your property, however we strongly recommend that every investment property owner has a specific landlord insurance policy in place for their property. Landlord Insurance is separate from your normal House insurance and protects you in the event of a tenant not paying rent, departing the property early or damaging the property.

Who pays for insurance on the house and chattels?

The Landlord is responsible for insuring the property including chattels.

The tenant is responsible for their own ‘home contents insurance’.

Who looks after the swimming pool or spa pool?

The law requires that all spa and swimming pools be fully fenced and we recommend that all landlords check with their local council to ensure that pools meet these regulations before letting a property.

We recommend that landlords employ the regular services of a pool specialist however this can be negotiated with the tenant.

Mould, whose problem is this?

Tenants should regularly air out the property to help prevent any condensation build up.

The landlord should provide adequate ventilation for the house including bathroom fans, window stays all can help to reduce condensation and mould build up.

Which area do you cover?

Renting Auckland covers the whole Auckland area so if you have multiple properties in different areas of Auckland, we can help.

Most of our enquiry for renting comes from the internet which means that we can quickly and easily rent out properties in any area of Auckland.  We have you covered.

Who pays for lawn and garden care?

The tenant is usually responsible for lawn mowing and general garden care.

Tree and hedge trimming, weed spraying and plant removal is usually the landlords responsibility; however this can be negotiated at the start of the tenancy.

What if my tenant does not pay rent?

We monitor tenant arrears on a daily basis and will contact them via SMS test, telephone, and email to alert them to the arrears first.

We will then issue a 14 day notice if the arrears are less than 21 days and we can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for arrears to be paid under section 56 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. This can be applied for before the 14 days notice expires so that action is taken quickly to rectify the breach.

Who pays the water rates?

Where a separate water meter and account is available, the tenant should pay for metered water usage with the exception of the fixed service charge which is paid by the landlord. On receipt of the water bill, we invoice the tenant for their metered water useage.

How do I change management of my property to your company?

Simply contact us at Renting Auckland if you are not satisfied with the service from your current property manager and we will take care of everything for you. We will contact your current property manager to streamline this process for you making the process quick and easy with minimum disruption to your tenant.  For a limited time we will also install 2 smoke alarms free of charge to protect your investment property to say thank you.