Wiremu & Sherra-Lee Tamaki

Leanne Griffiths was our property manager for almost nine years until  I found out recently that she no longer worked for the firm I thought she was working for.  If I had of known that we would have moved straight away!  We are very happy to be back on Leanne’s books!

Customer service is important to us but it’s the relationship that we have and have had with Leanne that is very important to us.  With nine years on our side we see our relationship more than a land lord/tenant interaction  It has that personal touch.  She knows us and understands our business and what we’re wanting to achieve.  She’s on top of all the daily requirements of our property giving us great piece of mind that our property is in great hands.

On the drop of a dime we would recommend the services of Leanne Griffiths and would be happy to speak further on her behalf.

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