Leanne Griffiths has been our property manager for these past eight years.  We have been out of New Zealand for the duration of most of this time, so it’s been really important to have someone of high integrity to look after our rental properties.  Leanne has been particularly efficient and responsive.  Finding the right tenants is key to a successful tenancy, and Leanne has proved particularly adept at that.  Staying on top of the accounting and maintenance, with regular inspections as well – really matters.  Leanne does not let this slip.  Leanne seems very well attuned to her clients.  Some landlords want to be more involved with their properties, some less.  Leanne has a good sense of that, and tunes her activity according to the clients’ needs.

We see the landlord/tenant relationship a little more personally than a simple exchange of house-for-money, and we appreciate the warmth and availability of the property manager.  Its very clear to us that the most successful tenancies are those in which there is at least some degree of personal contact between all parties. Our tenants seem to appreciate Leanne’s availability also.  Over the years and, without exception, they have only had kind words for her.

Without hesitation, I would recommend the services of Leanne Griffiths, and I would be happy to speak further on her behalf if that is helpful.

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